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Severe Health Condition Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene and Ways of Educating Patients About Them

Getting across the oral health information to patients by a dentist may be difficult at times, regardless of him knowing its importance. Particularly the stubborn patients, showing them they are required to brush their teeth regularly and floss more is a bit difficult. One you have all the significant information concerning oral health, getting across the message to patients will not be hard. Generally, there are some health conditions that are caused by poor oral hygiene. They might not look to have anything to do with the mouth although poor oral health is generally linked to increased risk of the health conditions discussed below.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the common health problem caused by poor oral hygiene. It is vital to know that the same bacteria that lead to gum inflammation can make its way to the bloodstream. When the bacteria that cause gum diseases lands in the arteries, atherosclerosis, and plaque buildup are encountered in the body. Stroke development in your body or high blood pressure are some of the diseases your body get as a result of the conditions lead by the arrival of bacteria in your arteries. Negative effects to your mind can also be caused by poor oral health. Gum inflammation that occurs due to infection can result in substances release that leads to loss of memory. Health conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are developed due to dental conditions like gingivitis.

The other health condition that is caused by poor oral hygiene is infertility. In most women infertility has been traced back to their poor health. Swelling from time to time and serious illness occur as a result, and their effect on fertility is adverse. Another condition is respiratory infections. A bacteria do not have to struggle to get from the mouth to the lungs. Chances of illnesses caused by this bacteria are high after it gets to the lungs.

There also chances of contracting cancer. There are increased chances of throat cancer by smoking and using tobacco products. Habits such as occasional brushing as well as flossing also boost the risk of catching other types of cancer.

Poor oral health also causes kidney disease. It does not cause kidney cancer alone. It brings about more complications of the kidney. It is usually caused by the people whose immune system is weak.

Finally, consider talking to your patients about the health conditions that may be caused by poor oral hygiene in a considerate way. This may give them the motivation they require to change their way of living. When they feel judged and attacked, they will not take your advice even when their health is at risk. Hence, a criticism, complaining and condemnation strategies should not be used at all when talking to the patients. Moreover, only give them what they ought to know, their goals and let them have a chance of asking you questions related to oral hygiene.

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