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Cats and Horses Love Each Other

The bond between these animals not easily explainable. Well this article is going to enlighten you on many issues concerning this kind of bond. Read more here to know about cats and how other animals bond especially horses.

For instance, here is a story of Morris and Champy. Jenifer Boyle being their owner, she did not mind keeping the two animals as her pets. She once adopted a cat named Morris who was nine months old by then. Morris was not social at all because he had lived in shelters all his life. Boyle had a number of large horse and the adopted cat only managed to make friends with one of them. The horse’s name was Champy. With time, the bond between the two grew and they became inseparable friends.

The other fascinating story is that of Sappy and Dakota. Dakota is a fifteen year old horse while Sappy is a one year old kitten. Kinney being their owner, noticed this bond from an early stage. Kinney being their owner had no problem with their bond and even encouraged it. They both go on horseback rides together and much more.

After reading the two stories, it is quite evident that cats and horses can be best friend just like man and dog. Such stories show us how beautiful and magical nature is. We also know that cats are never as friendly as other animal. They are quite selective when making friends. Therefore, does it mean that there is something even stronger when a cat finally makes friends with an animal like a horse?

As we all know, horses and cats are both shy breeds. You will rarely see horses play around like puppies. That is why most cat and horse owners describe their bonds as spiritual. From the stories mentioned above, you realize that the horse lets the cat do things that many horses do not entertain like horseback rides plus much more. Despite the differences in size and much more, the two are able to become the greatest off friends which is all that matters.

With that said, your question on why horse lovers tend to love cats as well should have been answered. Therefore, if a cat lover you know is looking for friend, consider getting them a horse. Cats love dogs and baby animals as well. For example, you will at times find mommy cats taking care of other baby animals that do not have their mommies around. This is due to their strong maternal instincts. Most people tend to think that cats and dog can never be friends. Well, which is not always the case because there are instances whereby the two become great friends.

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