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How to Get More Instagram Followers

Using social media for creating awareness for your brand is not an easy thing to do. It is especially hard to get the first ten thousand followers. This is because people don’t know you or your brand. You therefore need to prove your brand is successful. When it comes to Instagram, here are some things you need to do.

You need to join engagement groups. This is a great strategy for newbies. You need to focus on groups that are consistent with what you have to offer. Do not be tempted to join the largest groups out there, as you may not create much traction with them. You are better off getting those who share similar interests to like and share your content. You should also reciprocate, to get a bigger network and become credible.

Get into the habit of reposting other people’s content. You shall ride on their popularity and numbers, while promoting your brand. Ask for permission first, and always indicate it is a repost, and who is the original owner. Reposting quality stuff gets you more attention. This shall also save you tons on creative work.

You should also ask your clients to share their photos. They shall find it interesting to share your stuff on Instagram since they loved it. When other prospective clients see such posts, they shall wish to engage you more. You may even reward them for well-executed posts that showcase your products beautifully.

You need to adopt an interesting and consistent style to your account. People are always interested in what you will post next, on account of what you have posted before. When you are known for high quality content, they will start to expect the best from you on what you cover. You will get to keep the loyal followers as you make new ones.

You need to also use your Instagram images for your blog and site. When you link these images to your site or blog, you shall make it easier for people to access your products. This type of cross-promotion shall get you more business and followers.

You need to also see what your competition is doing. Where their Instagram accounts seem to be generating more traction needs to be studied well. You can also try and see if you can lure their followers your way. Do not lay a sales pitch on them if you expect to make any headway with them.

These ideas shall make your account more desirable to more people out there, thus hitting your numbers targets.

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