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More Information about Lean Six Sigma

A type of method that depends on a collaborative team to increase performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation is referred to as lean six sigma. It essential for one to know that this method usually achieve this by bringing together lean manufacturing as well and six sigma to help in removing the six kinds of waste. It essential for a person to understand that lean six sigma timeline can be traced anywhere in history. Lean six sigma has principles. The advantage of these principles is that it usually make the organization agile and fragile. Despite the importance brought along by the introduction of these lean six sigma they still got some throwbacks which among them include that they carry risks and only work when the whole organization cooperates with kaizen. Kaizen is also another word that got a lot of history however made popular as the general term for continuous process improvement.

Genryou management refers to a term that is used to refer to the way the production process is designed. The management principles are also available in genryou. In lean six sigma, it essential for a person to know that kata generally means ro0utine. Genryou term was used in West, and it meant lean. Studying through these details is essential for it helps one know where the term lean originated from. It also essential for one to know the birth of six sigma. Six Sigma to be precise is a word offered to a program by a company since companies used to give their improvement programs distinctive names with which they can rise to fame. Knowing that most programs are born out of necessity which means a specific type of problem breeds a specific type of program. It essential to know that six sigma program was out of a particular problem which was lack of defects as well as need to improve in tenfold. Numerous people developed six Sigma program.

Lean and six sigma had numerous similarities and overlapped thus the approaches of the two being combined. It important to note that these two had been seen as problem-solving techniques as well as share customer and process-oriented perspective. One can define what is lean six sigma from the combination of the two terms.

Lean six sigma can be defined as an organizing concept where it aims at endless improving the speed and quality of the process. Thus the customer’s needs can be delivered as accurately as possible against the lowest possible operational cost and with good flexibility. This continuous improvement that lean six sigma aims at can be obtained in several ways. Lean six sigma usually assesses its improvements in order to acquire its goals.

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