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Most Unique Social Media Marketing Examples

Social media marketing is facilitated by social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. A lot of people have joined social media platforms, therefore, social media marketing is very effective. In social media marketing, a business can determine if its marketing techniques are effective by the use of analytics tools. Many businesses have not yet embraced social media marketing. For those businesses which use social media marketing, they need to employ modern tactics in order to effectively promote their products. Even if a business offers a niche product or service, it is supposed to identify new ways of social media marketing. Below are some of the companies which have used creativity in social media marketing.

The first creative social media technique has been done by Flow Waterjet. Water jet cutter is a machine which is used in cutting a wide variety of materials using a stream of water and abrasive material under high pressure. Despite the fact that waterjet cutting is a new technology, a waterjet cutting company should be creative on social media. For example, a video of a pumpkin being cut using water jet flow is creative during Halloween.

Another company which has been creative in social media marketing is Wendy’s. The Wendy’s Twitter account will show you why Wendy’s is creative in social media marketing. Wendy’s has liaised with its competitors. Wendy’s does not fear competition since it has tagged other fast food chains in their posts.

The third creative example of social media marketing has been done by Tesla. The Tesla CEO is called Elon Musk and he is very active on social media. A CEO is not supposed to be silent on social media. The Tesla CEO has about 23 million social media followers. Tesla Company has just 3 million social media followers.

Burger King is another good example of a creative company in social media marketing. The Nightmare King Sandwich made Burger King attract a lot of attention on social media. The Nightmare King as the name suggests has the ability to bring nightmares. This site will enable you to see how the Nightmare King attracted a lot of attention.

Another example of creative social media marketing has been done by Apartements.com. This company linked with Jeff Goldblum who is a winner of the Critics Choice Awards. In order to get a lot of followers on social media, a company is supposed to work with celebrities such as Jeff Goldblum.

Dollar Shave Club is another creative company in social media marketing. The company uses the best social media platforms in marketing the shaving razors. For example, if you go to YouTube, you will be able to view creative Dollar Shave Club’s videos.

The last creative social media marketing example we shall loom at was done by Lego. Lego is a company which manufactures toys. The royal wedding toys posts on social media attracted a lot of attention. This website has more on the posts which Lego made.

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