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How To Lead The Best Life With Atrial Fibrillation

If you have been diagnosed with Afib (atrial fibrillation, know that there are others out there with the same condition which means you are not alone. Afib is a type of heart arrhythmia which is a problem with the rhythm of the heart. When the electric signals that make the heart to beat normally fail to function as expected, then atrial fibrillation can develop. Afib is normally associated with fluttering sensation around the chest as well as racing heart or skipping of beats.

Your relationships, stamina, and emotional health are affected when you have atrial fibrillation. But you gain more control and feel better when you intentionally work on taking care of yourself. If you have atrial fibrillation.the following practical tips can help you to live a happy and fulfilled life. Discuss with your doctor on how Afib is changing how you lead your life. When you give your doctor sufficient details of how your life has been affected by Afib they will work to get you the best possible treatment.

If you have limited or stopped some activities because you fear it could worsen your Afib condition,let your doctor know. Many people living with Afib are at risk of heart failure and therefore you need to know your pacing limits from your doctor and when you should check in to a hospital.

You should also find out about your stroke risk. This is because when you have Afib, you are five times at risk of stroke. The doctor will look at your risk of stroke and suggest ways through which you can minimize the chances of getting a stroke.

The other important tip to manage Afib is to take the doctor’s prescription exactly as instructed. When you adhere to your doctor’s prescription with accuracy, you reduce the chances of getting a stroke as well as stabilizing your heart rate. If there are side effects,let your doctor know and do not stop taking the prescription without consulting your doctor. The shape and the size of the heart, as well as the transmission of electrical signals, can be altered if a patient has Afib for a long time. Medications and therapies can help in regulating the condition.

You should also take deliberate steps to manage other conditions such as high blood pressure, thyroid disorders and high cholesterol. Work on eating well by ensuring that the food items are healthy for your heart as well as the general body well-being. When you have Afib, avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. When you have atrial fibrillation,work on losing extra pounds and getting exercises that are recommended for people with Afib.

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