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Why You Need To Use The Online Marking Software

In marking of tests, most examination agencies are still utilizing the old techniques. This is through paper marking as well as excel. It is the right time to switch to the new way of online marking software. In this article we will have a look at some of the benefits you will get by using the best online marking software as an examination body. You will get the advantage of the increased speed of results and also the administration time. You will actually spend a lot of time to mark papers and feed results to spreadsheets.

The speed here is improved as there is automation of the marking and as well as preparing the results while using the new means. The next benefit then you will gain by using the online marking tool is the enhancement of quality. All bodies that provide exams are required to maintain high quality and consistent marking. You are able to to keep check of all the markers and put some controls for the process which ensures that you maintain high quality and consistent marking. As a result of these, you will have very few errors during the marking which improves quality.

The online marking software is also able to streamline the flow of the marking process which ensures that the errors made on calculation of scores are eliminated. Those who install the online marking software can as well gain by maintaining a standards way of marking the exams. If you are having a number of physical markers, it is very hard to make sure that they use the same standards. The online marking software is very important as it will use the same standards of marking as you have the ability to use controls of the process.

Pass rates moderation is another merit that you gain by the use of the online marking tool. If you are using excel, it is very difficult to moderate these differences. This is like where the candidates may have high or low pass rates which is not a normal distribution. The software provides automated tools that you can apply to ensure that the results are moderated.

You as well gain the benefit of security of marking, of the exam papers and results and also the identity of the candidates. There is a feature for hiding the names of the candidates which protects anonymity. You will also have secure data storage to ensure that you do not lose any data or results. You can then use the marker permission which allow a marker to access the assigned part which is then audited to ensure that there is no control that was not followed.
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If You Read One Article About Technology, Read This One

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