How to Get Your Child Back Against Child Protective Service (CPS)

Alexandria/ February 25, 2021/ Legal

Children are a gift from God, are a form of a mandate that must be cared for, educated, fostered because they are inherent in their dignity, dignity, and human rights that must be upheld. On the other hand, children as the next generation of families, communities who are also owners and managers of the future of the nation and the State, must be healthy, intelligent, educated, moral, and have a social spirit towards fellow human beings. Children’s rights are part of human rights.

From the point of view of national and state life, children are an integral part of a country, namely the younger generation of agents who are the successors of the realization of the ideals of a nation. So that every child has the right to survive, grow, develop and participate optimally and are entitled to protection from all forms of violence, threats, and discrimination.

However, the increase in various forms of violence and violations of children’s rights in Oklahoma shows that the State, Government, society, family, and parents have failed to carry out their duties and responsibilities in providing protection, fulfillment, and respect for children’s rights. Thus, an institution that covered these problems was established, namely the Child Protective Service (CPS).

The Child Protective Service (CPS) is an institution formed by the government to investigate reports of allegations of violence and neglect of children’s rights in a family.

If children are at great risk of being violated, hurt, and neglected in a family, the Child Protective Service (CPS) is working with the police to remove children from their homes or families. The Child Protective Service (CPS) seeks to protect children’s rights so that they are not hurt and neglected again, and this is important for their future.

When the family wants their child back

However, a new problem occurs when the family wants their child to return to their family life. Of course, the family will be faced with a process that is very complicated and takes a long time because it involves several bureaucracies.

Then, how to get a cps case dismissed? Families who want their children to return to their family households, of course, must complete several applicable legal procedures to prove that the place to live in the family is safe, comfortable, and suitable to live in for the survival of their children.

For some people, legal processes and procedures that feel so complicated will create stress, waste time, confusion about the legal procedures that apply, and sometimes also lead to harmful disappointments. And this is where the role of a lawyer is needed to solve all problems without adding new problems.

Attorney as a representative and family law advisor

The trial may be conducted alone without the presence of a lawyer as a representative. Starting from compiling a lawsuit, registering a lawsuit, waiting for a court summons, undergoing a trial of evidence, and waiting for a court decision. However, due to the complexity of a legal process, many use the services of lawyers professionally.

Some people naturally experience confusion when faced with legal problems with such complicated procedures. Especially when someone doesn’t know about the law and is busy with existing activities. Not to mention some of the bureaucracy involved in getting their children back, such as the Child Protective Service (CPS) and so on.

The role of a lawyer is certainly the right choice as a representative to solve legal problems with the expected results. The lawyer is the official representative of the family to have their child in the legal process. The attorney will explain any complex legal process and may explain steps that are difficult to understand.

Explain to your lawyer about any problems that occur and what expectations you want to achieve before the trial begins. This becomes very important for your lawyer to formulate the best strategy for solving existing legal problems.

As much as possible, attend the trial with your lawyer, of course. So that the Judge knows and becomes a consideration that the family is serious about responding to this problem and cares about their child. Make a statement showing that the family is serious about the matter, which your lawyer will read out in front of the court. Follow any legal procedures while the process is ongoing for your child and family.

Benefits of Using a Lawyer

• By using a lawyer who is more familiar with procedural law before the trial, it will be more practical for the client in terms of time and cost.

• By using a lawyer, you can avoid mistakes in making claims, answers, duplicates, replicas, and evidence, as well as things that the client asks for in the petite then the client makes a lawsuit without a lawyer.

• Lawyers are bound by a professional oath to the confidentiality of their clients so that clients can be open to the case at hand.

• Clients do not need to attend all hearings because they have been authorized by their lawyers.

• Lawyers can act as mediators or mediate problems that occur between the litigating parties.

• Clients can know transparently the costs involved in solving cases.

• Lawyers are obliged to explain the client’s legal rights so that clients become educated and better understand their rights.

• Clients feel protected by law, so they can carry out daily activities safely and peacefully.

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