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A garden feature such as a pond is a unique way to add some beauty to the landscape of a home. Sometimes, these features can be hard to maintain, and if a person isn’t careful it can get out of control quickly. One solution to many pond problems is the use of an aeration system. Here are some reasons how a pond can benefit from a system like this.

Oxygen in Water

The primary function of an aeration system is to provide adequate oxygen to a body of water. This allows it to help maintain a pond’s ecosystem. If there isn’t enough oxygen, the bacteria that acts as the water’s primary cleaning agent can’t do its job, which leaves the pond murky and unhealthy.

Better Circulation

Some people that have a garden pond use a waterfall or floating fountain to increase the amount of circulation going on within the water. However, these options will still leave some dead spots within the body of water that get little or no movement. Adding an aerator will push circulation into the dead areas around the edge of the pond and prevent temperature and oxygen gradients.

Break Surface Tension

The bubbles that are created when an aerator is in use will break the surface tension in a bond. This will prevent insects like mosquitos from making the pond their home. The bubbles will also prevent the water from freezing in the colder months. In the coldest temperatures, an ice cap may form, which affects the gas exchange between the pond and the air around it. When fish live in the water, an aerator will release carbon dioxide they produce.

The use of an aerator in a pond will not solve all of a homeowner’s pond problems. However, it is a very effective way to help the pond stay beautiful and function well. Having the right equipment and taking some time to give the pond some TLC will make a big difference in the overall appearance.

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