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Amazing aeroplane facts every regular flyer should discover about

Aviation data companies have shown that at any, given the time of day there are 9,728 planes with 1,270 406 passengers on board. Your mind will be blown away by some facts about aviation and planes. There are very few accidents associated with aeroplanes than with cars. Below are many more facts about flying that will help get lead of your plane fears. We have all grown with the fear of lightning. Being in an aircraft and lighting happens to strike it, can be scarier. You should not fear about such accidents because the last incident happened in 1967. The designs of plain these days do not get affected by any lightning magnitude.

There is a reason behind cabin crew dimming the lights for takeoff and landing. It is usually done with the aim of improving the eyes of the team to the night. With the dimming of the lights everybody will not have to fumble around in case of an accident. The window blinds have to be up so that in case of an emergency the crew members can asses the safer side for evacuation. If one driver becomes faulty, the plane will still operate normally with the other one. It will not have to do an emergency landing because one engine can take it to its destination. Without both engines, a plane can land safely by gliding.

Experiencing turbulence is a disturbing experience for every passenger though not dangerous at all. Planes do not move beyond 100 feet during turbulence even though they feel unstable.If you ever find the food served on the plane tasteless it is not the fault of the airline. When the plane is at thousands of meters above; there are pressure and low humid in the cabin that causes food to be tasteless. This environment everything has no taste. You would wonder why there are ashtrays in the plane even though it is forbidden to smoke while flying.

Ashtrays are made for smokers to eliminate the ashes and cigarettes after smoking. Contrary to what many people think, the carbon dioxide emissions by planes are less pollution. They only generate 2% of the global green emissions. Many people do not know that there is a small hole in the window. This little hole helps in regulating the plane pressure. Private jets can be cheaper than business class. It is cheaper to rent a private plane with a group of people and share the values.

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