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Famous Cases on Sexual Harassment in the US History

There was the Weinstein effect in 2017, this when people spoke about the sexual harassment that they have faced in the past years . There was the movement of #me too that lead to rising of the number of cases on sexual harassment, this lead to more sexual harassment cases to be handled. There are sexual harassment cases that are there in the US history hence it is important to check on some of them, therefore, the following are the most prominent sexual harassment cases in the US this include.

One of the famous cases is the Ani Chopourian. The Chopourian was awarded 160 million dollars after winning the case for compensation but later she was denied the amount, there was an argument between the attorneys that lead to reducing the amount.

There is the well-known case of Ashley Alford. There was compensation for the allegation ward of 95million dollar, there was a reduction to 41.3 million, but the actual cash she received was 6 million dollars as the new settlement.

Anucha Browne Sanders is another prominent case. The case of Anucha Browne Sanders lead to the loss of her job due to filling a complaint on sexual harassment, the final awarding of the case was $11.5 Million .

There is also the prominent case of Paula Puopolo. In this case, there was no punishment for the victim who is involved after she reported to her boss instead she was told that is what she was to expect.

Lois Jenson is a well-known case. There was sexual harassment case between the Lois and her former employer; she did this for the safety of all women who were working in the Eveleth Taconite Company since men who humiliated women dominated it.

Charlie Rose is also a prominent case. Rose was fired when the allegation of sexual harassment case was public; there was the suspension of his show.

There is the prominent case of Anita hill. In 1991, there was the case of Anita suing Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment, this was happening in the workplace.

There is the well-known case of six years old and the Brockton. In this case, the principal placed a sexual harassment of 6-year boy who touched the skin of a girl by placing 2 fingers inside the clothing.

There is the prominent case of David Letterman. In this case, there was an allegation that David had affairs with former employers, this lead to him making money on-screen performance while the Halderman was convicted with extortion.

There is the prominent case of Bill O’Reilly. Bill never admitted there was sexual harassment that happened to him.

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