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Simple Measures for Easy DIY AC Maintenance for Durability and Optimal Performance

The worst thing you would ever experience during the cold months of winter or the extremely hot months of summer is a dysfunctional air conditioning unit. You are, however, in luck as this article has enough info. to guide you into basic maintenance tips for your AC to ensure it’s operating at its optimal. The following are some tips are tricks to get you started into basic AC maintenance to ensure optimal performance and durability.

How about you start by ensuring you have a clean air conditioning unit to avoid compromising on the quality of air that comes you’re your unit. Cleaning the AC is ensuring the fins are sparkling and dust free, which you do when you remove the fan cage on the exterior part of the unit. Once you have access to the fins, you can then use a soft bristled vacuum or even clean using your hands. There are also specialized fin sprays in the market that you can use especially when faced with stubborn dirt. It is also advisable that you straighten the fins of your AC unit as you are cleaning them in case they are crooked. Straightening the fins could be as simple as using your kitchen knife to ease the fins and get them back to their straight position.

The other tip to ensure optimal performance of your air conditioning unit is to have the blower air filters changed at least twice a year. Most of the info. you will find online will advice on changing the blower filters once before summer sets in and once before winter. While at it, be sure you are replacing the air filters with the right size and model as the one that you are getting out. You will know your condensate drain tube needs to be checked when you notice a pool of water on the furnace when the AC is running.

Note that this condensation from the Air conditioner coils will accumulate bacteria over time, leading to the formation of slime. Slime will clog the pan drain tube, and if no measures are taken, it will compromise on the performance of your AC unit over time. The next important part of your AC that needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis is the evaporator coil which is found on the inside of the AC furnace. It is found on the AC furnace, and once you unscrew it from the door, you can easily clean it using a soft brush. Do not forget to clean the drain pan while in the process, which you do by adding some bleach on warm, soapy water. Even so, it is highly recommended that you have a professional come in and check your AC unit if you are unsure of what needs to be done and especially when there is some squeaky sound coming from the unit.

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