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Simple Ways of Maintaining Eavestroughs

Eavestroughs are simply gutters. They drop down from the roof edge.Their main function is to catch rainwater and to direct it into a drain pipe. To ensure that water does not drip down your walls, you need to install eavestroughs.Eavestroughs play an important role in ensuring that your house does not become damp.They also ensure rainwater doesn’t land on the foundation of your house and also prevent soil erosion.

Maintenance of the eavestrough system is very crucial to a homeowner to ensure that they serve them well and for a long period. To ensure the optimum functionality of eavestroughs, you need to check them after some time. There are various ways of repairing eavestroughs.

Water leakages in eavestroughs are as a result of rusting.Rain water can stagnate in a section of the eavestrough hence causing clogs. A hole in an eavestrough will come about after a sharp object punctures through an area of the trough that is already compromised. When water is flowing in the eavestrough, the owner will notice the water leaking.It is very easy to patch a leaking area of an eavestrough since the materials needed can be easily available. Remove all debris from the gutter.Using a wire brush, scrub the affected area until it is clean. Get rid of the rusty area by cutting it out.Repair your eavestrough using a metal patch that matches the material that makes your eavestrough. Put some roofing cement on the repair patch.

Your eavestrough may sag due to a number of factors. A sagging eavestrough requires setting only. Flexible materials such as aluminum and galvanized steel are some of the materials used in making eavestroughs.Due to very heavy rains, your eavestrough may bend or sag.The fasteners that hold the eavestroughs may not hold anymore Use a hammer to drive in the spikes and fasteners into their rightful position. Ensure that the fasteners are holding well by driving them through solid wood.

The major reason that causes overflowing in eavestroughs is blockage.Blockage can be caused by leaves and branches that obstruct the flow of water hence causing blockage, and sometime spillage of water. One of the best ways to combat blockages is the installation of gutter guards. Climb a ladder and remove all the branches and leaves from the eavestrough.

Ensure that you carry out regular inspection on your eavestroughs to ensure that they are functioning well. Rainwater can cause a lot of damage if not drained well.

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