5 tips to increase your catering business visibility

Alexandria/ August 27, 2021/ Foods & Culinary

The catering business belongs to one of the most competitive industries. Many people provide catering services for very affordable prices, regardless of the taste and quality. In order to grow successfully, the catering business needs to stand out from the rest.

The catering business is not just about food anymore. It is also about how you portray your business to the general public. Marketing the right content at the right time captures everyone’s attention.

Here are some marketing tips that can help you improve your catering business,

Modern Marketing

Marketing in traditional ways is a pass√©. One major drawback in investing in traditional marketing is that the audience is massive and mostly untargeted. So you wouldn’t have a clear picture of the potential candidates.

Modern marketing techniques like SEO, Pay Per Click and email marketing are more efficient and effective. Email marketing has an ROI of 44 dollars for every dollar spent! That is 4400%! It has become convenient to find an email address as well. Email search websites like GetEmail.io lets you access hundreds of valid emails in just a matter of seconds.

Referrals and Rewards

One way you can retain loyal customers is by rewarding them with discounts for offering you different gigs. You can also propose to provide them additional offers for referring you to a new clientele. As the word of mouth reciprocates, the business also becomes well known around the neighbourhood.

You can also propose partnerships with complementary businesses. For example, a birthday event requires caterers and also decorators. Get in touch with the decoration businesses and propose offers that benefit both parties. This cooperation ensures that both the business has a handful of propositions.

Tasting event

It is one of the best ways to get to know different audiences and also let people know about your business. You can either choose to host an event yourself and propagate about it on social media, or you can have a stall in the general events organised in the neighbourhood.

Present the best dishes and the signature dishes during the event. Ensure to have enough dishes prepared so that everyone can get to taste them. Be open to feedback. This also plays a great way in understanding where the business stands and what improvements are needed.

Invest online

Invest some of your time creating social media accounts for the business and start engaging with the audience. You don’t have to be on all the social media platforms. Instead, choose the ones that are compatible with your business. These platforms play a crucial role in understanding the competitors and also your target audience.

Also, save some funds from the business and finance in creating a website. These days everything one needs is found online. Most people prefer to shop online for everything rather than go to the physical stores. Leverage this to your advantage in creating a website. It can also act as a catalogue to showcase the successful events and positive feedback you’ve received from the customers. People will gain more trust in purchasing by seeing positive reviews.


Whatever steps you choose for the business, make sure it stands out from the rest. It is the only way the business gets an identity on its own.

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