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Strategies of Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Whenever you want to boost your business enterprise by carrying out a series of promotions, there are ways you need to do it.You should put in place a monitoring, tracking and evaluation system which will show the progresses as a result of your marketing efforts.Through this, you will be able to figure out the marketing strategy that works well for your business, hence boosting the returns for the business.When you have a proper marketing campaign tracker in your enterprise, it will enable you to do the management of the money allocated to marketing.For instance, if you find a certain marketing campaign to be fruitless, you can choose to stop it completely, or reduce the resources allocated for it.Consequently, you should focus and fund the more profitable and effective marketing strategy.The following are the ways in which you can determine which strategies you can use to track your marketing proceeds.

You should have a dedicated contact address, usually telephone, which will be redirected to your official line whenever someone calls.This is achievable through the placement of the dedicated phone number on all the adverts, and determination of the platform with the most calls redirected to your official line.You can also choose to use separate contact addresses on the various advertising platforms.Determination of the line with the highest callers will indicate how efficient that platform was in reaching many clients, and that with the least number of callers is a symbol of ineffective strategy.Another way to track your marketing is by creating coupons and assign each of the codes that are unique.You can spread these coupons across the various campaign platforms and track the source of the highest customers by looking at which platform sells most coupons.

Secondly, you can set up landing pages whenever you intend to use the various print media for advertising.A link to the website must be indicated on that advert for readers to get more information about the business enterprise.You can then find the number of people who clicked on that link upon spotting the advert, using the tracking tools that are available online.You should, however, go beyond the tracking by analyzing the data even more to see if the objective of that campaign is being achieved.You can do this by making use of the online tools that do data analysis like Google Analytics, which are mostly free of charge.This analysis will help you to identify the location of most of your clients and the products they prefer buying.When you know where most of your customers come from, you can either open a shop close to them, or concentrate there.Also, knowing the time when most goods are purchased will facilitate your planning.

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